Brigadier has a strong track record of success in the transportation, manufacturing, and energy industries. Through asset management strategies we’ve helped companies deliver up to 300% productivity improvements with the associated service, capacity, and bottom line savings.

Asset Strategy

In many industries, an effective asset strategy can have a strong impact on profitability. Managers face the challenge of simultaneously improving productivity in a structured way, increasing customer service, expanding capacity, and delivering bottom line savings.  To do so managers must answer questions such as:

  • What are the connections between asset levers and business outcomes?
  • How do we prioritize investments across separate asset classes?
  • What’s our asset vision for the future?
  • What steps can be taken to scale capacity in the short term and long term?
  • How will changes affect customer commitments?

  • Asset optimization
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Capital planning
  • Network optimization
  • Maintenance planning


We work with our clients to develop the answers to questions like these in 3, 5, and 10 year time frames. A proven framework, as well the ability to facilitate the agreement of concrete operational actions steps are key to our successful client engagements.

Operations Management

The connection between corporate strategy and operations management is often blurry. Operational staffs focusing on lean management may ensure efficiency in day to day operations but reduce their ability to plan long term.  Managers are so consumed by daily fire fights that analysis and planning for future operations often falls by the wayside.

Operations executives need to be able to answer questions such as:

  • How will operations impact corporate strategy in the future?
  • Which additional capabilities should we develop?
  • What emerging technologies will affect operations and how?
  • How will our organization need to change?
  • What projects do we need to start now to prepare for change?

  • Long term operations planning
  • Organizational analysis
  • Service / process improvement
  • Supply chain management
  • IT blueprinting


We have conducted numerous pre acquisition due diligence projects for corporate and PE clients and are especially adept at quickly designing and executing focused, high-impact market research and at mapping the competitive environment. Our PMI work has ranged from small tuck-under acquisitions to managing all aspects of multi-billion Dollar international mergers.

M & A Services

We offer M&A services both to our corporate and private equity clients. For both client groups our deep industry expertise is a critical differentiator as it allows us not only to get up to speed quickly, but also to offer pragmatic and implementable solutions. We fully understand the dynamics and drivers of the private equity environment and are, therefore, able to sharply focus our work on questions of critical importance as part of a diligence process.

PE firms and corporate clients need to answer questions such as:

  • How will this acquisition change the competitive environment?
  • What are the drivers of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction and where are their unmet needs?
  • What should our 30 and 60 day plan post-closing be?
  • How can we best manage the post-merger integration process?

  • Acquisition strategy development and target identification
  • Pre-acquisition due diligence
  • Detailed market mapping
  • Post-merger integration including organizational design
  • Go to market strategies

Besides our board experience in transportation and logistics, we have also worked extensively in business services (including SaaS), niche manufacturing, and distribution/retail.


Our approach to customer and pricing analysis is always both ‘outside-in’ (i.e. driven by new primary research on customers and competitors) and highly analytic, involving careful segmentation and impact modeling of any proposed changes. We also usually implement with a targeted test and learn process, allowing adjustments and refinements before roll-out.

Customer and Pricing Analysis

Growth strategies and operational improvement efforts almost always start with a clear outside-in perspective on customer needs. Their needs (met and unmet) and desires (stated and unstated) should drive the business decisions. We have significant experience in customer and pricing work for large and small B2B and B2C enterprises.


  • Customer research, both qualitative and quantitative, that can uncover the changing dynamics in the market place and help reveal the best steps forward. We have conducted thousands of senior level interviews and hundreds of internet surveys.

  • Customer segmentation, assisting in understanding the major differences between customer groups and drivers of their needs. Correctly prioritizing customer segments and refining targeted go to market approaches can significantly improve share and profitability.

  • Improving the overall customer experience, taking into account the impact of all processes and ‘moments of truth’ from sale to billing and claims.

  • Sales force effectiveness, with work for small and global companies (any many in between) ranging from sales strategy, sales force management, account targeting, sales and customer service organizational design, sales tracking systems, and incentive compensation systems.

  • Loyalty program design and implementation both for airlines and in other (e.g. retail) industries, including strategy, customer targeting, developing partnerships, setting earn and burn features, and data usage for CRM systems, etc.