With the resurgence of US manufacturing and growing global competition, margins continue to be squeezed while manufacturing logistics has become increasingly complicated. Continued success in manufacturing comes from a careful balance of product innovation, marketing, and operations improvement.

Our work in manufacturing has ranged from heavy industry to niche sectors. While we address operations issues, many of our projects are focused on competitive and customer strategies. A key concept is understanding and better defining a company’s core ability to differentiate itself and its products in order to build and deepen strong customer relationships. For example, our work might address the ability of smaller specialized companies to develop and maintain a defensible niche within a consolidating macro environment, and help by prioritizing adjacencies (both product and geographic) for possible expansion.

The backdrop of globalization and trends in near-shoring and off-shoring, the complexities of global transportation, and rapidly changing consumption and distribution patterns, all add complexity to manufacturing beyond the always necessary rigorous cost and process management.

Selected Services
  • Strategy (and asset optimization strategy)
  • Market entry and international expansion
  • Customer segmentation
  • Process improvement and cost reduction
  • Product development