Closely related to asset based transportation, the logistics sector includes the various ‘asset light’ and intermediary players in the industry, including forwarders, 3PLs and intermodal marketing companies. The boundaries between transportation and logistics as well as between asset heavy and light have been blurring as companies seek to grow. Also blurring are the distinctions between types of services offered, ranging from transportation management, international forwarding, brokerage, to equipment management, track and trace, and documentation.

Logistics players face a number of strategic and operational challenges, such as: the optimal asset mix, level of industry specialization versus broader service options, the right combination of international versus domestic offerings, ongoing network optimization challenges, and (above all) developing effective customer segmentation and pricing strategies.

The consultants at Brigadier Consulting Group have worked with logistics players of every type all over the world. Our clients range from small focused players (regional forwarders or IMCs) to global 3PLs. Given the breadth and depth of our experience, we are able to be effective quickly and decisively in this fast paced industry.

Selected Services:
  • Strategy and competitive positioning
  • Service development and pricing optimization
  • Customer segmentation and targeting
  • M&A Strategy and implementation
  • Salesforce effectiveness