The shale energy revolution, changes in policy regulation, and rapid advancement of renewable energy technologies are just a few of the issues that energy industry players face. These developments are taking place against the backdrop of an ever changing geopolitical landscape, creating a highly volatile market place that requires insight and knowhow to navigate.

Insight must be based on a clear understanding of the factors and their sources influencing energy markets, as well as transportation networks on a global and local scale. Broad industry expertise must be fused with hard data for a comprehensive picture of the energy landscape and associated interactions.

Experts at Brigadier Consulting Group have been working with energy related companies for many years to insure they have the best information and analysis available to make the right investments. Our experience, energy expert network, and proprietary models allow us to provide our clients with the ability to foresee opportunities and be well positioned to move for maximum advantage.

Selected Services
  • Midstream pricing strategy
  • Competitive dynamics in electricity sector
  • Long term fuel sourcing and pricing
  • Rate and contract negotiations
  • Downstream market positioning
  • Global market analysis

  • Transportation

    Freight and passenger transportation has been the life blood of the global economy for centuries. As manufacturing, consumption, and commuting patterns evolve, companies providing transportation services need to constantly adapt.

    The geographic scope and critical timing requirements associated with providing transportation and logistics services create unique challenges for firms that operate moving assets and maintain network infrastructure. Managers must be able to anticipate change and use innovative solutions to offer, maintain, and improve services that meet these needs.

    The experts at Brigadier Consulting Group have vast experience working with companies in the transportation industry to improve their capabilities and capture new opportunities. From corporate strategy and marketing to frontline execution we have helped our clients develop targeted, effective solutions with a positive bottom line impact.

    Our approach combines an intimate knowledge of the transportation industry with a unique understanding of the implications of change on the people and assets supporting the service. We pride ourselves on the collaborative nature of our engagements and on a track record of success that is second to none.

    We have worked extensively for transportation players in all modes including rail, trucking, liner and bulk shipping, port operating companies, and airlines (both freight and passenger).

    Selected Services
  • Network optimization
  • Capital planning
  • Asset optimization
  • Efficiency improvement

  • Logistics

    Closely related to asset based transportation, the logistics sector includes the various ‘asset light’ and intermediary players in the industry, including forwarders, 3PLs and intermodal marketing companies. The boundaries between transportation and logistics as well as between asset heavy and light have been blurring as companies seek to grow. Also blurring are the distinctions between types of services offered, ranging from transportation management, international forwarding, brokerage, to equipment management, track and trace, and documentation.

    Logistics players face a number of strategic and operational challenges, such as: the optimal asset mix, level of industry specialization versus broader service options, the right combination of international versus domestic offerings, ongoing network optimization challenges, and (above all) developing effective customer segmentation and pricing strategies.

    The consultants at Brigadier Consulting Group have worked with logistics players of every type all over the world. Our clients range from small focused players (regional forwarders or IMCs) to global 3PLs. Given the breadth and depth of our experience, we are able to be effective quickly and decisively in this fast paced industry.

    Selected Services:
  • Strategy and competitive positioning
  • Service development and pricing optimization
  • Customer segmentation and targeting
  • M&A Strategy and implementation
  • Salesforce effectiveness

  • Manufacturing

    With the resurgence of US manufacturing and growing global competition, margins continue to be squeezed while manufacturing logistics has become increasingly complicated. Continued success in manufacturing comes from a careful balance of product innovation, marketing, and operations improvement.

    Our work in manufacturing has ranged from heavy industry to niche sectors. While we address operations issues, many of our projects are focused on competitive and customer strategies. A key concept is understanding and better defining a company’s core ability to differentiate itself and its products in order to build and deepen strong customer relationships. For example, our work might address the ability of smaller specialized companies to develop and maintain a defensible niche within a consolidating macro environment, and help by prioritizing adjacencies (both product and geographic) for possible expansion.

    The backdrop of globalization and trends in near-shoring and off-shoring, the complexities of global transportation, and rapidly changing consumption and distribution patterns, all add complexity to manufacturing beyond the always necessary rigorous cost and process management.

    Selected Services:
  • Strategy (and asset optimization strategy)
  • Market entry and international expansion
  • Customer segmentation
  • Process improvement and cost reduction
  • Product development