The shale energy revolution, changes in policy regulation, and rapid advancement of renewable energy technologies are just a few of the issues that energy industry players face. These developments are taking place against the backdrop of an ever changing geopolitical landscape, creating a highly volatile market place that requires insight and knowhow to navigate.

Insight must be based on a clear understanding of the factors and their sources influencing energy markets, as well as transportation networks on a global and local scale. Broad industry expertise must be fused with hard data for a comprehensive picture of the energy landscape and associated interactions.

Experts at Brigadier Consulting Group have been working with energy related companies for many years to insure they have the best information and analysis available to make the right investments. Our experience, energy expert network, and proprietary models allow us to provide our clients with the ability to foresee opportunities and be well positioned to move for maximum advantage.

Selected Services
  • Midstream pricing strategy
  • Competitive dynamics in electricity sector
  • Long term fuel sourcing and pricing
  • Rate and contract negotiations
  • Downstream market positioning
  • Global market analysis